Ron DeSantis Has Been Misusing His Position

Ron DeSantis

After Santos, Ron DeSantis has been caught misusing his powers, not in a fraudulent way but by putting unnecessary pressure on society. Other GOP leaders have been trying to point out his wrongdoings, or over doings. But he is adamant, and not giving an ear to what anyone says. He has lost control over his will and going out of his own boundaries to impose things in society. Many believe he taking care of himself only.

Ron DeSantis Satisfying His Own Male Ego By Overstepping Boundaries

He is among other republican party members and also the Florida governor, who has been imposing unethical rules on society. Ron DeSantis has been heavily criticized by his own party members. He has been misusing his fight against wokeness in society. And this is anticipated his new agenda to grow his support so that he would be able to run for the 2024 election.

However, instead of growing supporters, he has grown critics. Universities have free will, and they are making the upcoming generation stay ahead of time. Ron DeSantis has been forcing conservative beliefs on universities to adapt. He is a politician and he has taken authority into his hand and has been forcing professors to learn new techniques to teach certain topics. Many believe he is forcing his own orthodox concept upon society. And in a subtle way, he is taking away the freedom of expression. And his new agenda has been troubling not only Florida people or residents but the Republican party altogether.

Ron DeSantis has no signs of stopping or delaying whatever he is trying to change in society. He is being manipulative politician, who indirectly suggests accepting whatever he says or does, otherwise, there would be consequences.