Ron Watkins, Alleged Founder Of QAnon, Is Running For Congress

ron watkins
ron watkins

 The alleged founder of conspiracy theory site QAnon, Ron Watkins, has declared his candidature for the Arizona Congress. He posted details on Telegram, an instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp. Ron Watkins said that he would be running for the House from Arizona.

Ron Watkins continued with his wild conspiracy theories during his campaign announcement. He said that the disgraced President, Trump was cheated of his victory in Arizona and other states by a conspiracy headed by the Democrats.

Watkins said that he planned to take the battle to the capital to defeat the ‘dirty’ Democrats. He alleged that they had stolen the republic. He continued with his discredited assertion that Trump was defeated in the Presidential election by an extraordinary conspiracy at the national level that led to all-around voter fraud.

Multiple audits by the attorney general under Trump, the head of cybersecurity infrastructure in the US, and the Maricopa County audit led by a Republican all had to concede that the Presidential election in 2020 had been a fair one.

Ron Watkins The Man Behind ‘Q’: Investigative Documentarian

Cullen Hoback, who is behind the HBO investigative documentary Q: Into The Storm, said that he believed that Ron Watkins, was the leader of the QAnon movement. He said he believed that it was Watkins who was posting on 8chan, the right-wing message board, as Q. Watkins had denied the claim.

But it is Watkins, along with his father, who helped run QAnon and popularized it as it became a worldwide movement for the right-wing with their bizarre conspiracy theories.

8chan returned to the air as 8kun. Watkins announced his disaffiliation from the platform on Election Day in 2020. Q has fallen silent since that day and has not provided any more updates since then.

The original founders of the website Travis View and Frederick Brennan have both said that both of them suspect that Ron Watkins was the man behind Q.

QAnon supporters believe in the existence of an international ring of child traffickers run by Satan-worshippers, the Democrats. Other members include lizard-humanoids and Hollywood elites who torture and sexually abuse children.