Rudy Giuliani Reiterates Lies Against Georgia Election Workers

rudy giuliani

Repeated lies by Rudy Giuliani against election workers in Georgia have drawn the ire of a judge. The former Mayor of New York City and Trump henchman received a scolding for his repeated false claims.

Rudy Giuliani has time and again accused the two workers of voting fraud during the 2020 Presidential elections which Joe Biden won. His claims come amid the defamation trial triggered by earlier comments he made in a similar vein.

Beryl Howell the United States Dist. The judge told Rudy Giuliani that he could be in line for defamation claims in the future for his insinuating remarks that the Trump aide made to the press as he exited the federal court after the initial days of the defamation trial.

Judge Howell has already declared that Rudy Giuliani was in line for other legal actions. This comes after she accused election officials Wandrea Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman, her mother, of counting illegal ballots and also hiding them after the 2020 presidential elections.

Judge To Only Decide How Much Rudy Giuliani Will Be Paying

The only issue that the jury has before them is to decide how much Rudy Giuliani is liable to pay as damages. Giuliani claimed that everything that he had said about the workers was true. He again accused Freeman and Moss of ‘changing votes.’

Rudy Giuliani admitted in court that he had repeated the accusation but stood by what he had said. Advocates for the complainants said that Giuliani should not be given a chance to challenge the veracity of his prior statements. They said that a judge had earlier already considered his statements on this issue false.

Judge Howell warned that Giuliani’s remarks could lead to a second defamation suit. He contradicted the statements made by the former mayor and contradicted that of his lawyers who had stated that the accused election officials were not wrong.