How to Maintain the Sparkle of Your Diamonds?

moissanite rings vs diamond
moissanite rings vs diamond

Learn How to Maintain the Sparkle of Your Diamonds

Diamond happens to be the hardest material found on our planet. We, humans, use diamonds for cutting a wide range of metal and rock. Diamond is also widely used for cutting glass. However, those are not the most popular uses of this hard material. Diamond is the most valuable stone the human race knows about. Jewelers use it to adorn jewelry of all kinds, and people love to wear those fine jewelry pieces.

If you want your diamonds to remain sparkling for many years, you must take good care of them. The tips below will make the maintenance of diamonds simpler for you.

Use Diamonds Sparingly

Diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, is not jewelry meant for regular use. You must use this sparingly if you want to keep them looking like new.

You must know that diamonds attract grease more quickly than any other material. When you handle a diamond, the oils on your fingers stick to its surface. So, if you keep handling them frequently without cleaning them, soon the stone will lose its original fire and brilliance.

Clean Diamonds Regularly 

If you want your diamonds to remain grease and dirt-free even after wearing them frequently, you must clean them regularly. Ideally, it would be best to clean these pieces at least once a week. Soak the diamond jewelry in a degreasing solution for 30 to 40 minutes. Make sure that the solution is gentle. You should preferably use a solution containing 250 ml water and a few drops of mild dishwashing soap.

After taking the diamond pieces out of the soap solution, remove the remaining dirt and grease from them using a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush. You should reserve the toothbrush exclusively for this purpose. You’ll need the toothbrush for cleaning the back of your diamonds and all the hard-to-access spots of the pieces. These are the regions that attract maximum dirt and oil.

When scrubbing the jewelry with the toothbrush, make sure that you are not exerting too much pressure. Excess pressure might leave scratches on the metal parts of the jewelry.

If the pieces of jewelry you are cleaning come with fragile settings like tension settings or settings featuring antique prongs, never scrub them vigorously. Once you are satisfied with your scrubbing efforts, rinse the jewelry using water. Finally, tap them dry using a lint-free, clean, and soft cloth. You can use gem cloth for this purpose.

If you are carrying out the cleaning process on a sink, don’t forget to seal the drain before beginning.

About Ultrasonic Cleaners 

At times, you may need to use ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning your diamond pieces. This happens when the diamonds have encrusted dirt on them. Ideally, you should take your jewelry to a nearby jeweler if you require this type of cleaning.

Final Words 

Diamonds are gorgeous to look at and are also highly expensive. If you want them to look precious and pass them onto your next generations, take care of them following the above tips.

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