Check Your Eligibility For The $1,400 Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

People hoping for an extra stimulus check could soon have some good news coming their way.  The $1,400 third stimulus check was the third and the last of the regular federal checks. It was followed by the Child Tax Credit check that sustained families with children for over a year.

The end of the CTC checks placed families with limited earnings in deep trouble. It was at the same time that the US was facing the worst inflation in its history as the inflation rate inched close to double digits.

But almost half the states stepped in with stimulus checks of their own. The amount varied in size, eligibility criteria, and the target beneficiaries. But it proved to be a source of sustenance for millions of families across the US.

In the meantime, families continue to receive checks that are over and above the 6 full CTC checks that they received. In most cases, beneficiaries had to file their income tax returns and claim their CTC payments. The payments were given to beneficiaries.   

Eligibility For The Latest Stimulus Check

All American parents who welcomed a newborn in 2021 are in line for an additional stimulus check. They received the payment when they filed the 2022 federal income tax returns.

As the rule implies the parents will stand to gain an added check for babies born in 2021. The APR in 2021 was close to 2 trillion dollars. It provided support to millions of Americans across the country through direct payments, income tax refunds, and stimulus checks in 2023. There were also extended unemployment benefits and extra child support checks.

For an average family of 4 members, the direct stimulus checks can add up to a substantial number, with low-income families getting as much as $5,600. Families earning up to $150,000 also received a  check under this scheme.