Ryan Crouser Has Won Another Gold At The Olympics

Ryan Crouser
Ryan Crouser

Incidentally, Ryan Crouser knew that he would be winning the Gold at the Tokyo Olympics– talk about confidence in the face of adversity. As has been reported, Crouser had written a note prior to his competition where he was sure that he would win the competition.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t exactly too difficult for the best shot-putter in the world to secure his Gold, which he dedicated to his late grandfather- who passed on just a few days before the athlete left for Tokyo. After his competition, the athlete stated that it was quite a devastating situation for him- to lose his grandfather just a few days before his attempt for the stars. 

Ryan Crouser Dedicates His Gold To His Grandfather

Nevertheless, Ryan Crouser has seen the entire world courtesy of his sport. He previously set the world record at the Olympic trials. Yesterday, he bettered his own record at the Olympics- with a throw of 23.30 meters. His gold for the American men at the Olympics came much later than anyone could have ever expected- the 7th Day of the meet.

Unfortunately, it was quite late for his grandfather to see it, but the Crouser family knew that his grandfather would be watching and cheering on. Lisa, Ryan’s mom, admits that although the entire family was cheering for him- along with his friends- there was this desire of his grandfather watching him reach the summit too. 

While Ryan Crouser took the gold, it was his compatriot Joe Kovacs who took second place. Tomas Walsh of New Zealand secured the bronze. Interestingly, 5 years ago- Rio 2016- saw the same three athletes on the podium finish in the same place. According to Olympic historian Bill Mallon, this was the first time in the history of the Summer Olympics that any event had the same three podium finishers for two consecutive Olympics. 

The story of Ryan Crouser and his grandfather Larry Crouser is beautiful. As the latter’s age progressed, he lost his hearing- precisely why he wrote that note and stuck it on his bag. This was his reminder to his late grandfather that he would be the champion. 

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