Sadie Robertson Welcomes Baby 2 With Hubby Christian Huff

Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson, a former “Duck Dynasty” celebrity, and her spouse, Christian Huff, welcomed a girl as their second child together.

Haven, the infant, joins Honey James, the older sister, who is two. The 25-year-old Robertson posted on Instagram, “Haven provided a touch of heaven.” “At 8:30 am on May 22, 2023, life got considerably sweeter!”

A carousel of adorable pictures honoring their newest family member was supplied by Sadie Robertson. The second slide, according to her, depicts “the sheer pleasure” on her face when she delivered Haven via C-section, she said. Robertson continued, “Christian and I couldn’t have been more appreciative. “Soaking up every last second.” 

Sadie Robertson Is Over The Moon

In one image, Honey James is seen cuddling Haven as Robertson kisses a baby doll. Before leaving for their homes, Robertson, Huff, and Haven additionally posed for a picture outside the hospital. Honey James’ delivery was not as peaceful for Robertson.

In 2021, Roberston said on her podcast “WHOA That’s Good” that “the shoulder was constricting the umbilical cord, preventing her from getting air.” “Her body was white, and her face was purple. It was absolutely scary. Fortunately, Honey began breathing on her own, and the event left her unharmed. Robertson, however, struggled with postpartum anxiety, which affects 15% of new mothers. 

Sadie Robertson remarked, “I didn’t understand how I could feel so happy and so euphoric and simultaneously suffer so much terror. I was so swept away by the marvels. Robertson ultimately decided to get assistance and discuss her issues with a specialist. She cited the doctor’s counsel as some of the greatest she had ever heard. 

It’s critical to replace those scary or anxious thoughts with ones of appreciation. “There will be things that cause you to have a fearful thought or start to feel anxious, but you mustn’t just let that thought run rampant.”

After dating for nine months, Sadie Robertson and Huff declared their wedding plans in 2019 and got married the following year. The A&E network’s “Duck Dynasty” program, which centered on the Robertson family & their duck call company, aired from 2012 until 2017.