Salma Hayek Still Rocking In Her Mid-Fifties

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is one of the iconic actors of recent times. She is one of the best-known artists to have stepped into Hollywood. Hayek originates from Mexico and was born on 2nd September 1966. Apart from being an actor, she has also turned to produce films. Hayek has several decent releases under her banner. The actress commenced her career very early.

She starred in the television series “Teresa” in the year 1989. Her works were first recognized in “El Callejón De Los Milagros”. The title in English meant ” Miracle Alley”. Salma received the nomination of Ariel Award for her role. She then continued appearing for a number of films. Her famous movies include “From Dawn Till Dusk”, “Desperado”, ” Dogma” & “Wild Wild West”. 

Apart from being a great actor, she was also a style icon of her times. However, it seems that Salma Hayek still has it. She has recently taken Instagram by storm. Hayek posted a few pictures of her and that drove the fans crazy. The actress posted herself in a swimsuit that looked stunning on her 55-year-old body. Let us learn more details about the story below. 

Salma Hayek Killing It In 55 

Salma Hayek does not seem to be aging. She has posted a number of pictures wearing a swimsuit. Those pictures have made the fans go gaga. The pictures depicted Salma wearing a teal suit while relaxing on a hammock. Her body looked super toned and well maintained. 

Salma Hayek stated that she did not have time to work out often. Her schedule was very much hectic and she did not feel like hitting the gym. However, that did not stop the fans from commenting. Hayek told the media that she prefers intense sessions of workouts in a shorter duration.