Sarah Palin Lawsuit Dismissed

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has been one of the prominent faces of American politics. She has had lots of success in her political career. However, Palin has been recently in the news. She has been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

Palin filed a lawsuit against the publishing house, Times. Sarah claimed that the media organization has defamed her by publishing untrue facts about her. She stated that the media house has tried to deliberately defame her and thus, wanted them to compensate her appropriately.

The case has been on the proceeding for the last few days. Both parties have presented their point of view and several hours of argument have followed. In a recent development, things have looked gloomy for the Governor of Alaska.

The judge, Jed Rakoff has recently stated that Palin could not provide enough evidence. Jed stated that the Governor had significantly less evidence to prove that The Times has deliberately defamed her.

America has very strict standards for defamation. Some particular criteria have to be met to consider an action as defamation.

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin could not provide them. Let us learn more about the story in detail below.   

Sarah Palin Likely To Lose Defamation Case 

A victory seems very much unlikely for Sarah Palin at the moment. The court judge has said that the evidence provided was not enough to conclude.

However, he has allowed the attorney of Palin deliberation time. Rakoff said that Sarah’s attorneys can take time and come up with stronger evidence. The Times stated that they had no intention of defaming the Governor in any way. 

The attorney for Times admitted that it was an unforeseen mistake on their part. The media house immediately rectified their mistake as well.

The claims were sustained by the judge as he is most likely to rule in favor of the Times. Attorneys of both the party were seen exchanging pleasantries with each other. 

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