Saweetie Collaborates Fondly With McDonald’s


Saweetie was a successful rapper. She has produced an innumerable number of chartbusters. She seemed to be enjoying the time of her life. She was reportedly approached by the famous burger joint McDonald’s for a collaboration. The rapper stated that it was almost a dream come true moment for her. She immediately agreed and gave a nod to the workshop. 

Saweetie Ecstatic About Working For McDonald’s

The rapper stated that she was very much fond of McDonald’s as a child. When the offer was made to her she could not believe herself. It was as if her dream has come true. She instantly agreed to sign the work. Later on, she revealed that never in her life has she agreed to a contract so much faster. The deal with Mcdonald’s was the first time. 

The rapper also went on to share her choice of order. The order contained a Big Mac, Several Mcnuggets, a medium French fries. It also consisted of medium-sized cold drinks. Saweetie stated the reason for including the Big Mac in the order. She said that her mom made her fall in love with the big burger.  For the dipping, she chose the tangy and sour bbq dip to complement the delicacies. 

The rapper also tried to encourage the mix and match options. She said that mixing different teams can be fun to eat. She exemplified adding french fries to a burger. She also asked fans to try and use the Big Mac parties as a burger bun. The rapper has always been known to have out-of-the-box food preferences. 

The Saweetie meal is currently not going on sale. In case one opts to go it, here are some important facts. The meal will be available from 5th September. Lucky winners will get lucky gifts.

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