Scotland Win Against Spain Thanks To Scott McTominay


Scott McTominay, David De Gea’s club teammate has been the reason for Spain’s problem in the international friendly games. McTominay grabbed a brace against Spain that he will always cherish. Scotland deserved his win against Spain. The Scottish national side will remember this triumph over Spain in Euro 2024 Qualifiers forever.

This win was a first time win of the Scotts since 1984. With this win, it is confirmed that they will be topping the group with six points from two games. It has been the first defeat for the new Spanish coach De la Fuente and also their first defeat in the qualifiers of Euro since they lost to Slovakia back in 2014.

Scot McTominay, the Man United player has also scored two times coming off the bench in the last match for his national team. This was when the Scotts were facing Cyprus. The player said that he is pleased with how the team played.  He said that they were aware that Spain will loose the balls, and their instructions from the board were to be patient and clinical with their opportunities.

Scotland Wins Against Spain After 1984

McTominay said that each member of the team did well to keep the pace of the game slow. He said that it was difficult to keep the composure against a side like Spain and keep doing your things. However, the team managed to do it perfectly.

The manager apparently motivated the players saying this was their chance to build a legacy as Scotland and the nights that people will remember even thirty years from now as well. The Spanish coach made a total of eight changes in the game. The Spanish coach said that it is a hurtful defeat.