Scott Brown Says Trump Has Responsibility For The Riot On January 6!

Scott Brown
Scott Brown

On Sunday, Scott Brown, Former Rep. Senator and a crucial member of the Donald Trump administration, said that he believes ex-President Donald Trump bears a significant portion of the responsibility and blame for the insurrection on the US Capitol. He added that by getting impeached twice, he is gravely paying the price of the violence. Senator Scott Brown, Massachusetts who also served as the ambassador for Trump to Samoa and New Zealand added that Trump got impeached just because of his actions. 

Scott Brown Is Fully In Favor Of An Independent Bipartisan Commission!

Scott Brown, who stated that a part of the foreign accomplishments of Trump and the ex-President’s response and support to the pandemic seems to be on the wayside at this moment, after the riot. He further added to Bash that Brown is currently supporting an independent investigative commission looking into the events that surrounded the attack on the US Capitol. He said that supporting an independent investigative commission for finding out the person responsible and the reason behind the Capitol insurrection appears to be a no-brainer. 

Scott Brown further stated that during the agonized phase of America on 9/11, everyone wanted to find out about the terrorists responsible for the attack. Everyone wanted to find out more about the breakdown of that tragic incident. To Scott Brown, this Capitol insurrection doesn’t seem to be much different.

He is sure that those people weren’t tourists and they were surely not visiting the United States just for having fun! This last week, a bill was passed by the House for establishing an independent bipartisan commission and to look into the events in detail surrounding 6th January. However, the legislation will most likely fail inside the Senate, where only a handful of Republicans are tending to vote in favor of the commission. 

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