Republican Scott Perry Refuses To Cooperate With January 6 Committee

scott perry
scott perry

GOP Congressman Scott Perry has declared that he won’t collaborate with the House Select Committee formed to look into the attack on the Capitol and also the conspiracy to upturn the 2020 Presidential election results. The designated leader of the extreme right-wing House Freedom Caucus said that the committee was illegitimate.

He blankly denied cooperating with the Select Committee looking into the riots. Scott Perry alleged that the entity was unlawful and not constituted as per the rules of the lower house.

The representative from Pennsylvania said that he was declining the request of the Committee and would continue to oppose what he called the letdowns of the deep-seated left. A spokesperson for the Committee said that Scott Perry could be next in line to be subpoenaed.

The Committee said in a statement that while Scott Perry claimed to respect the rule of law and the Constitution, he failed to acknowledge that the courts have already rejected Trump’s claim that the Committee was illegitimate.  And lacked any proper legislative purpose.

The Committee further stated that it prefers to get information directly from members. But if there was a clear refusal to cooperate. Attempts were made to cover up, the Select Committee would have no option but to seek other tools at its disposal.

Scott Perry Is Among Trump’s Die Hard Supporters

Scott Perry was a core ally of Donald Trump and was recently elevated to the post of the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, a hardline faction within the Republicans. He will take over the role from 2022.

The Committee has stated that it seeks information from Scott Perry over attempts made by him to illegally bring in Jeffrey Clark, the ex-DoJ official, as the interim attorney general.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the Committee, said in a statement to Scott Perry that they have evidence from several sources that he had played a vital role in attempts to get Clark installed as the AG.

 The statement further said that the acting AG and deputy AG had provided evidence that supported this allegation. There was also corroborating evidence from others who had worked for Clark and were alert to these plans.

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