Jill Biden Has Reflected Upon Traditions And Their Importance After She Followed The Coronation Of King Charles III

Jill Biden

Dr. Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States of America, attended the coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom on Saturday- where she reflected upon the importance of the historic ceremony just a few moments after it concluded amidst much fanfare.

In a telephonic interview with CNN, Dr. Biden stated that she really understood the importance of traditions and oaths. She further claimed that while she was witnessing the coronation, she could feel the decorum and civility that bound people together of all the nations. She mentioned that the moment where the crown was being placed on the head of the king and then the head of the queen was quite surreal- one had to be physically present to truly feel it.  

Dr. Jill Biden Was Routinely Impressed By The Coronation Of King Charles III

Dr. Jill Biden had earlier tweeted that it was truly an honor for her to represent her country on this historic day at Westminster Abbey. She claimed that the United Kingdom and the United States did share quite a special relationship. The POTUS, who couldn’t attend the ceremony, did offer his congratulations to the royal couple in a tweet made on Saturday, where he also highlighted the enduring friendship between the two countries- which he considered a source of strength for both our peoples.  

Dr. Jill Biden also claimed that she was quite moved by the message of Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, during the ceremony. She stated that the archbishop was putting forth the idea that people of all nations seek hope and joy. And she considered that to be a strong message for people all around the globe. The attendance by the First Lady did mark the first time a US First Lady had attended a coronation of a British monarch.