Serena Williams Loses Against Harmony Tan

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Serena Williams has been one of the biggest names on the Tennis circuit for a long time. She has been a dominant force in the women’s singles division for over a decade. Williams has been immensely successful and has won almost every trophy in the professional circuit. However, her recent return to Wimbledon was not at all a happy memory. Williams was out of competitive tennis for a long time due to injury. After a long period of rehabilitation, the star returned to one of her most preferred Grand Slams, Wimbledon.

Serena faced off against Harmony Tan in her first match. To the utter shock of the crowds, Tan managed to beat the legend, cutting short her historic return. The match was filled with interesting elements right from the front. Tan started off brilliantly to lead the match in the first set. Serena, however, came back strongly in the second set. The third set was fought fiercely between the two women and went into a tiebreaker. Harmony Tan was able to keep her nerves intact to register one of the biggest victories of her career. Immediately after the match, Serena Williams was asked by the reporters about her retirement. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Serena Williams Out Of Wimbledon

Serena Williams was being cheered by her family along with hundreds of fans. Unfortunately, they got disappointed as Serena made a shock exit from the tournament after only the first round. Tan expressed her happiness at the victory. Harmony said that she was very much scared about facing Williams and could not believe the fact that she won. 

Serena Williams did not confirm whether she will retire from professional tennis or not. When inquired by the reporters, Serena stated that she might continue to play longer. 

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