Shang Chi: Introducing The Next Phase Of MCU

Shang Chi
Shang Chi

The comic book giant, Marvel Studios, is making an entrance into the lineup of phase 4 projects. There are a number of films that have been unveiled for this phase. Among them, one of the most anticipated is “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. This is the first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe having a protagonist of Asian descent. And not only that but a majority of the cast belong to the same descent.

Shang Chi And The Mandarin

It took the comic giant a lot of time and effort in order to make Shang Chi into a movie. The initial attempt that was made by the publisher to do so was during the 1980s

The movie was to debut originally on the 12th of February, in the year 2021. The date of the release was to be on the date of Chinese New Year. However, the date of release has been shifted thrice owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The makers have anticipated that the release of the movie will definitely take place on the 3rd of September this year. 

The director of Shang Chi is Destin Daniel Cretton. The cast members include Simu Liu who plays the role of the protagonist, Shang Chi, the role of his father is played by Tony Leung who is known as “The Mandarin.” 

It is no doubt that the Mandarin is widely known as the Iron Man 3 villain. And that the Ten Rings terrorist is associated with the sequel of Iron Man. However, the perspective that Shang Chi brings with it is fresh and different. It is unique to the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself.

In the movie, the protagonist will battle his own father, Wenwu. The comics debut of “The Mandarin” was made in 1964. He is shown to have been born and brought up in China before the state turned into a communist state. After having come across a dead alien dragon’s crashed ship, he learned to use ten rings to his advantage.