Scott Disick Has Decided To Move On

Scott Disick
Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have “moved on”.

Scott Disick initially found it difficult to accept his breakup with Kourtney. However, he has now accepted it and is determined to be a great co-parent for their children.

“He assumed everything was going to work out with Kourtney. And hoped that one day they’d be back together,” a source revealed. Although Travis [Barker] initially acted quite immaturely in response to her abrupt relocation, he has since come to terms with it and has moved on. He and Kourtney are still excellent co-parents despite the fact that their relationship has changed.

Scott Disick Has Accepted That His Relationship With Kourtney Is Over

With the brunette beauty, Scott Disick has three children: Mason, 13, Penelope, 10, and Reign, 8. Scott Disick is committed to being the greatest father he can be. Scott Disick acknowledged last year that he had been “left out” by the Kardashian family.

The reality star claimed that after Kourtney revealed her engagement to Travis, he was left feeling like an outsider. The reality star and Kourtney parted in 2015. He added, “Now that Kourtney’s got her life with Travis, as hard as it is, it does give me a place to finally be able to move on,” in a “The Kardashians” episode.

Scott maintained that he had now accepted Kourtney and Scott’s relationship. But he acknowledged that he felt excluded from family activities.

The reality star said: “Feeling left out and not being told something is super detrimental, especially when I don’t have another family to go to.” The reality star lost his mother in late 2013 and his father three months later.