Short-Cut To Lose Fat By Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

Unknowingly Chelsea Handler gave out a cheat code to lose fat. The comedian is 47 years old now and was on medicine for her type 2 diabetes. Recently appeared on Alex Cooper’s show call her daddy, and talked about her experiences. And how a medicine is being misused for weight loss or fat loss, has a negative effect in the future. And the intimate conversation led to a bigger discloser of the Hollywood industry.

Chelsea Handler Might Have Brought Trouble Upon Herself

The main point of the podcast was to share something valuable with the listeners, and Chelsea Handler might have accidentally disclosed some sensitive information about the industry. She was under medication for type 2 diabetes. She used to take a drug named Ozempic, which also causes excessive fat loss in the body. And this can only be taken as an injection. Users inject it into their thighs and belly. It causes massive fat loss within a time crunch. And this is very famous in Hollywood as per Chelsea Handler.

And she was so in the mood, she couldn’t hold her tongue about what she was saying. And with flow Chelsea Handler shared something sensitive and misleading about how she injected five of her friends with this drug. She has technically misused it, and it could have been risky. This drug has severe side effects which could backfire at any moment. 

Chelsea Handler came back from Spain and just before lunch with her friend she injected herself with the drug later she felt nauseous. However, the Ozempic is FDA-approved, and doctors and founders have advised people not to consume it at any cost without anyone’s supervision. It could work like a charm, but the higher possibility of leaving long-lasting damage.

And many doctors who have heard this podcast have expressed their concern for obese patients, who are in actual need of this dosage. They could die if it goes out of stock. Whatever, Chelsea Handler has done is utterly disgraceful.