Netflix Show Ginny & Georgia Flamed By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, through her songs and her actions in public, has shown how she has matured as a person. However, a recent show titled Ginny & Georgia on popular streaming site Netflix has made Swift word a rather furious tweet.

Netflix says that the show is drawing the most views right now. The show itself is a bit ridiculous, to put it mildly. It includes topics such as teens trying to fight oppression but it comes off as a mixture of a teen drama with a hint of crime in it. The season finale has the dialogue: “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”

Taylor Swift And Her Army

The dialogue happens as a mother is scolding her daughter for being sexually promiscuous. Swift, however, finds it “deeply sexist” and calls out the show and Netflix for demeaning hard-working women, such as herself. Given her repeated references to her many ex-lovers in her songs, it seems strange when she calls out the same fact being used in other media.

There is also, according to Swift’s tweet, a connection with “hard-working women” which has little in connection with the dialogue. She also brings up the current month being Women’s History Month, possibly only because she thought of shocking us by the apparent disregard for the event. Swift knew of it much earlier than Monday, because the show had aired in February.

The celebrity’s tweets immediately sent her followers on an absolute rampage with them spamming “RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT”. In all the mess, the main black actress of the show fell under fire rather than the writer. Netflix is used to such attacks by now however the harassment that is being done to the individuals involved should have been thought of if she has matured.

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