Bernie Sanders Fights For The Minimum Wage Hike

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

The two US Senators made an urge to the vice-president of the country, Kamala Harris, concerning the ruling of the parliament. They are Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren and Vermont’s Bernie Sanders. The parliament had given the ruling that there can be no reconciliation concerning the wage hike of 15 USD.

The hike is a part of the stimulus relief package of president Joe Biden. The total amount of economic relief is 1.9 trillion USD. They made their request this Monday.

Bernie Sanders Continues to Fight

The chairman of the committee of Senate’s budget, Bernie Sanders, is reluctant in giving up on the passage of the minimum wage of 15 USD. This is the case even after it is opposed by Elizabeth MacDonough, the Senate parliamentarian. The reason that was stated was had everything to do with the process of the budget. MacDonough claimed that the minimum wage plan failed to fulfil the requirements.

The ruling given by the Senate parliamentarian could have been overruled by the vice president. However, the leaders of the Democratic party indicated the fact that the wage hike will most probably get cut by them. This will be done in order to make way for the bill that is sprawling. They gave the indication on Monday.

Bernie Sanders gave a statement with regard to the issue. He stated that he cannot digest the fact that the fate of millions of Americans is in the hands of just two officeholders. He mentioned that the issue of pay raise that affects millions of citizens is decided by the high-ranking staffs of the Senate.

The 79-year-old Bernie Sanders further added that the decision should lie on them and not those who are “unelected”. He claimed that as per his view, the rulings given by the parliamentarian must be ignored. He advocated that a few people cannot be given the authority to decide over the wants of the citizens of America.

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