Lizzo Utilized The Platform To Voice Her Concern


Lizzo was born and brought up in Houston, and everything little thing about Houston bothers her as much as other activists. Lizzo has always been vocal about her opinions, people have praised her for her talents and strong personality. She has given voice to many women, whom society considers as weak.

Lizzo’s Speech Made A Daughter Proud

Lizzo strongly condemns gun violence, which is taking place nationwide, and the number of violence is increasing rapidly. The last gun violence that took place in Uvalde’s Robb Elementary, is despicable. Many teachers lost their lives saving children from the shooting. One of them was Eva Mireles, who died saving one of the children. She was young and faced untimely death, leaving her daughter behind.

Eva’s daughter Adalynn Ruiz shared the honoring moment for her mother on Twitter thanking the singer, for this graceful action. Lizzo has many talents and praises the worthy among them. She never thinks twice before talking about someone’s bravery. She admits that she gets inspiration from all these women every day. Last day Lizzo took the People’s Choice Award platform to pay respect to all those who faced untimely tragedy leaving their family behind. She believes not only having a platform is honorable but utilizing them for the societal norm is more honorable.

This is not the first time Lizzo has done something for society, even before she paid respect to the White house’s first president who had a collection of 1800 flutes. She played the crystal flute as an honor. Her songs are dedicated to all those women to embrace their bodies and the color they are born with, they are perfect the way they are. And ‘Good as Hell’ is one of the most empowering songs of all time. At the people’s choice award Lizzo thanked each and one of the activists who were present there,  for their contribution to society and the challenges they have taken to make this world a better place.