Sixers Became The Top Seed Following Blowout Win!


For the very 1st time in around 20 years, the playoffs will be played by the Sixers as they are currently the No.1 seed in terms of ranking in the Eastern Conference. On the night of Friday, as they defeated the Magic by 122-97, their 3rd chance at taking the top seed position turned out to be their charm.

Observations Following The No.1 Seed Position Of The Sixers!

A total of 20 points was scored by Seth Curry through his shooting scores of 7-for-9. Joe Embiid managed to score 11 rebounds and 13 points in a total of 23 minutes. Meanwhile, Ben Simmons managed to score 9 assists and 13 points. 

Only Matisse Thybulle, whose left hand got swollen, was left out of the team. Many players of Orlando were left out of the game with injuries. The list included former Sixers Michael Williams, James Ennis, and Markelle Fultz. The win of the Sixers on Friday was not the biggest or best win of the team in this season, which turned out to be very competitive. 

However, the team already has earned a lot of advantages regarding home-courts throughout the playoffs of the Eastern Conference. The team got a very significant edge playing in their home stadium. Since the beginning of the campaign of the season of 2019-20, the Sixers were already up by 57-9 at Wells Center.

Embiid said that they barely lost in their stadium when each of their players was healthy. He added that it is of much greater importance to the team that they have the No.1 seed position. On Sunday night, the Sixers will be concluding their season against Orlando.  Dwight Howard, the head coach of the Sixers needs to adjust because of the many injuries weakening the team.

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