Sixers Might Wait Until Summer To Land Someone

Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker

The Sixers will be eligible for signing players who have become eligible for trade, and for Daryl Morey and Elton Brand, this could mean something. The new batch of potential contracts will now be included to bring about a potential deal for Ben Simmons, one that might even take four different teams to swing. 

With the trade season kicking into full gear, it is time to sit back and enjoy. For those who have their own doubts, it also implies that any non-Joel Embiid player could hear their name pop up in a rumor between the 15th of December and the deadline on the 10th of February. It should come as no doubt to someone that there would be several surprises coming forth in the next few weeks. 

Sixers Might Have To Fight Tooth and Nail For Simmons Replacement

The Ben Simmons saga does make things a little bit more interesting, as when the three-time All-Star returned to the Sixers the previous October, some thought that he would actually be playing for the team. Several even guessed the road trip in November might be when he suited up. Ironically, if that seemed like a remote possibility back then, it feels like an even longer shot that he could suit up for Philly. Interestingly, several other teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks have also joined forces as the teams most interested in Ben Simmons. 

While one could think that the time was ripe for the inevitable trade between the Sixers and some other club, Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report thinks otherwise. He mentioned that the team has made it abundantly clear that any trade with Simmons would still need an All-Star-Caliber player from their wish list of close to two-dozen dream partners for Joel Embiid at his prime. It should come as no doubt that Philadelphia has always worked under the expectation that sooner or later, a true star will be available. 

There are chances that anyone from Dame, Harden, Beal or even Kyrie Irving could become available and represent the Sixers. But for the time being, their future seems to be quite murky.