Coaches And Players Speak Of Steph Curry Even As One Of The Greatest Even Closes In On NBA 3-Point Record

Steph Curry
Steph Curry

Ray Allen has fond memories of young Seth and Steph Curry as they tagged along with Dell Curry, their father to take part in Bucks shoot-around. He says that they would participate in their drills and hold their own. Allen was a teammate of Dell at Milwaukee. Dell was then considered the best shooter as a 3rd-year guard.

Steph Curry has since then come within touching distance of breaking Allen’s 3-point career record. He gets his next chance at Philadelphia on Saturday as the Warriors (21-4) are set on a 5-game tour.

Seth will be with the Sixers on the opposite side, tasked with keeping his brother in check. 9 3-pointers more and Steph Curry will match Allen’s record of 2,973 regular season 3s and another 10 to top him.

It took Allen 18 seasons to accomplish the feat from 1996 to 2014.

Steph Curry has a historic career spanning a dozen seasons. It is something that players can only dream of. He stands out indisputably as the greatest shooter of his generation.

Allen says that people have equated him to Miller and himself, and other past and present shooting greats. But he is on a level all his own, says Allen.

It Wasn’t Always Smooth Sailing For Steph Curry

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Steph Curry. He had once been a rookie known only as the baby-face guard at Davidson who made a mark due to his perfect jump shot plus the confidence that belied his years.

He was then competing against the best that the NBA had to offer. There was Chauncey Billups, the Nuggets guard, Paul Pierce from Boston Celtics. They currently rank 18th and 9th on the 3-point all-time list.

Steph Curry says that he watched the 3-points contest all his life. His father was in it a lot many times. Then there was Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and Rex Chapman,

Steph Curry burst onto the scene in the All-Star Weekend in 2010 at Dallas. Reggie Miller saw it first, and it was not long before Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley saw the flashes of brilliance in the point guard for the Warriors.

LeBron James says that Steph Curry has changed that game and called him a once-in-a-lifetime player.