When to Expect Your May Social Security Check-in 2023

Social Security

There have already been two turns of the Social Security payments for May, and there will be two more this month. If you have not gotten your money yet, it will be distributed Wednesday in the subsequent round. Your birthday and the length of time you have been a recipient of Social Security are used by the SSA to determine when you will receive your check.  Throughout the month, the SSA distributes its payments in waves. Find out more about the dates as well as eligibility. 

When Would I Receive My Social Security Checks?

The third, fourth, and second Wednesdays of every month are normally when the SSA pays out payments. Your DOB determines the day you get your cheque. 

  • You would receive your payment on the 2nd Wednesday if your DOB is between the first and tenth of a month.
  • You would receive your check on the 3rd  Wednesday if your DOB is between the 11th and 20th of the month. 
  • You would receive your check on the 4th Wednesday if your DOB is between the 20th and the 31st.

What Happens If I Am A Recipient Of Both SSI And Social Security?

The payment schedule is different if you earned payments before 1997 May or even if you have received both SSI and Social Security. You will now get the Social Security check on the 3rd day of every month and the SSI payment on the 1st day of every month rather than on a Wednesday.

What Happens If My Social Security Checks Do Not Arrive On Schedule?

The SSA advises waiting three more business days before getting in touch if, due to your DOB or other situations, your checks do not reach you on the day specified above.