Solana DAO Teams UP With Notifi Network For Increased Governance Participation


Notifi Network and Solana Realms Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) have joined hands to help an increase in governance participation rate through the extension of their notification services. You will not have an excuse in the future to miss out on the next governance vote if DAO hereafter texts or calls you to take part in the vote.

Governance tokens are blockchain tokens granting voting and management power to users. This helps keep the required power balance in a DeFi environment. Using governance tokens, you can participate in a vote on proposals that are related to your blockchain.

Notifi founder, Paul Kim, said that they intend to help communities promote and make them active. At present, notification facilities do not use their weight, say Solana Labs software engineers.

Notifi Notification Facilities To Be Released Along With Solana’s DAO

So next time you will not get an excuse to miss out on a governance vote when you get a call or message hankering after your participation. Notifi Network hopes that this notion will contribute to improving the poor rate of participation in governance.

It is being released along with Solana’s DAO, and will integrate tested centralized methods that are in use by the Web3 community, including Telegram pings and Discord, with more convention and difficult to overlook notifications.

Notifi is supported by Race Capital and Hashed, both crypto venture capital firms, and have implemented its facility for notification to every DAO that is released on the Solana Realms.

Utilize The Token Once You Acquire Them

Kim says that they have a simple vision, the active participation of communities. He says that folks acquiring tokens should use them. At present Telegram and Discord, char rooms are the normal ways for a DAO participant to stay abreast with projects.

But he believes that this tactic is insufficient as most users place their crypto chats on mute due to escalating message volume.

While emails, SMSes, and phones are not the normal modes, they should act as an indispensable function for DAO. It is clear with voters participating in Solano DAO. Solano’s top 3 DAO are actively participating members.

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