David Perdue Rejects Plea Of Skipping Race

David Perdue
David Perdue

The previous month saw quite a lot of Republican senators sending David Perdue a letter asking him not to run for Governor. As it stands, Perdue decided to forge ahead and announced his primary challenge to the current governor Brian Kemp.

This matters because the campaign brought about by the impeached former President has set off GOP worries throughout the country about the risk of multiple factions inside the party- which would definitely weaken the party. Nowhere has the dynamic been as messed up as it has been in the state of Georgia. 

David Perdue Wasn’t Persuaded By A Republican Letter

David Perdue has argued that there is no way Brian Kemp could win simply because he lacks the support that Donald Trump and his base provide. This lack of support came about with Trump being furious after Kemp declined to take steps to overturn the win of President Joe Biden in the state in 2020.

In the letter sent to Perdue, 25 of the state Republicans have told Perdue that he made them proud during his tenure in the US Senate- but then pleaded with them to join them in endorsing Kemp for re-election just to keep the chances of the Republicans alive for the general election in November. 

There has been quite a lot of concern about the letter that was sent to David Perdue- so much that the senators refrained from bringing out an electronic copy. They went ahead and circulated the text in paper form.

When David Perdue was asked about the letter, Perdue acknowledged that he had received it but paid it no mind as his decision was already made up. Rather, he found it funny that the Republican Senators had some hope that the letter would change his mind.