DeSantis Defends ‘Don’t Say Gay’ After New York City Billboard Campaign

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

New York City Mayor Adams has succeeded in his attempts to rile Florida Governor Ron DeSantis following his ‘Don’t Say Gay’ decree. The Republican leader was left sulking after the ad campaign celebrated the diversity and acceptance of NYC and invited people persecuted in Florida to move to it.

The NYC Governor launched the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ campaign in Florida in the cities of Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and Fort Lauderdale featuring creative ads and billboards.

The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ campaign has galvanized gay communities across the country and the campaign to be launched by New York City is a direct attack on Ron DeSantis’s divisive policies and state-sponsored discrimination.

Adams said that DeSantis’s political showmanship was unacceptable. He said that the Florida Governor was trying to demonize a particular community. He said that New York City would continue to support the beleaguered community and said that they were welcome to live in New York.

Florida has banned teachers from making any reference to sexual orientation or gender identity.

The ad campaign initiated by the New York City mayor is intended to show its solidarity with the gay community against state-sponsored discrimination. The cost will not be borne by NYC and is paid through sponsorship.

DeSantis Riled By NYC Ad Campaign

DeSantis said that while the NYC mayor has promised people the right to speak up, in reality, it would muzzle people and force them to wear a mask.

He criticized NYC for forcing children to wear masks during the pandemic. He said that people get fired in NYC for speaking up to the mayor, referring to the Law Department lawyer who had sneaked into a press conference thrown by Adams and had ranted at the mayor about his mask mandate.

DeSantis also hit back, saying that Florida had better services, including roads and ‘stuff,’ and promoting Florida as truly a free state.

In a written statement, Adams said that gay community members were welcome to New York City. He derided the attempts at muzzling a community and said that the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law was shameful and an extremist cultural attack on Florida’s LGBTQ+ community. He said that families fearful of Florida’s state-backed discrimination would always have a place in New York.

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