Eugene Goodman Hailed As A Hero As He Ousts Capitol Mob Out Of Senate Chamber

Eugene Goodman
Eugene Goodman

The recent riot at the Capitol Hill building in Washington D.C. has been the biggest news lately. Although the administration of the United States of America has been under fire for this incident, there have been a few heroic acts during the riot, including one by Eugene Goodman.

One of the police officers present and on duty during the time of the Capitol riot has been hailed as a real-life hero for driving the violent mob out of those Senate chambers.

Trump’s Supporters Driven Out By Eugene Goodman

On 6th January, Wednesday, when Donald Trump’s supporters had stormed inside the Capitol Building and started destroying the property, Eugene Goodman successfully managed to steer some of them out.

Eugene Goodman is a police officer at the Capitol. One of the reporters of CNN by the name of Kristin Wilson had noticed this act of bravery and loyalty by Goodman. He was seen removing some of the rioters out of the Senate and securing the chambers of the building.

It is seen in one of the confrontations that Eugene Goodman comes between a rioter in a black t-shirt and the corridor that leads inside the chambers of the Senate. After that, he pushes the man and the following crowd in the opposite direction of the inner hallway.

This brave act by Eugene Goodman is attracting a whole lot of attention as of late and several Congressmen are extending their gratitude to him for protecting the Senate in such a dire situation.

Unfortunately, 4 people and 1 police officer of the Capitol died during the riot on Wednesday. Over a dozen rioters have already been identified and arrested.