Steph Curry Talks About The Disastrous Meeting With Nike

Steph Curry
Steph Curry

Steph Curry talks about the details of the meeting which led him to leave Nike.

Nike is the biggest sports retail company in the world but made a major mistake when they approached the Warriors star, Steph Curry.

Curry took birth in a basketball family and had been showing promise since the beginning. He led an entire revolution from scoring behind the arc and managed to become the face of the NBA.

Several shoe deals came rushing to get his signature which included Nike. That meeting did not go Nike’s way as they made several mistakes.

Steph Curry Opens Up About The Meeting

Steph Curry spoke about how he had reacted to the way Nike had approached the meeting with him. He emphasized that they should have been prepared if they really wanted him. That one meeting cost them big time as Stephen Curry chose Under Armour.

He stated that he had a reaction because he was feeling good about himself. The deal was supposed to be “buttoned up, dialed in” and talked about properly. He was extremely observant in that situation and noticed how people were talking to him and how well they knew him as a player.

He further expressed how the Nike representatives disappointed him and perhaps that made him look for other options.

It was one of his first meetings and it kind of set the mood for the rest of the meetings. 

Dell, Steph’s father, revealed how he even stopped mid meeting as he felt extremely disrespected by the way Nike approached the meeting.

The representatives were mispronouncing Steph Curry’s name and no one seemed to correct it. The nail in the coffin for Dell was when they showed a slide featuring Kevin Durant.