Stimulus Check For 2019 Refunds To Taxpayers Must Be Applied In 12 Days With IRS

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

The IRS (Internal Service of Revenue) has made the announcement that gives the last notice to taxpayers who must claim their 2019 tax refunds. The IRS has further informed these taxpayers that in order to claim their stimulus check refunds, they must mandatorily apply within the next 12 days. The federal government of the United States of America will not be owing money to the citizens after the next 12 days. 

Danny Werfel is the Commissioner of the IRS and he has mentioned in the press meeting that very little time is left for Americans to claim their 2019 tax refunds. 

IRS Issues Deadline For Stimulus Check Refund 

Internal Revenue Service has issued the ultimate notice that also mentioned the deadline for 2019 tax refunds. They have clearly informed the taxpayers who are eligible to claim this stimulus check that the deadline is fast approaching. As a result, the taxpayers must apply for the stimulus check refund payment by the 17th of July 2023. 

The IRS has also stated that there are almost one and a half million Americans who are yet to claim their federal refunds. Moreover, they also informed that the stimulus check refund estimates to approximately $893 on average. 

Tax Refund Deadline Approaching 

Werfel has said that the last window for taxpayers is till 17th July for claiming their tax refund from 2019. 

The IRS mentioned that single eligible citizens must earn under $15,570 while couples less than $46,884. They also said that a tax refund for 2019 will be withheld if the next 2 years’ tax is not filed. Taxpayers must apply with all key documents required by the IRS to receive the stimulus check refund. Texas and California have more than 100,000 citizens with unclaimed refunds.