Stimulus Check Announced By Kathy Hochul

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check has remained a great driving factor for most Americans for the last two years. The checks were made to come into effect by the administration of Joe Biden. The checks were announced amidst the darkest times of the pandemic. The entire country of America was shut down. People lost their jobs and could not find a way to earn. Most people had offline jobs back then. Thus, the families had significant difficulties in paying their rent.

The announcement of the American Rescue Plan came like a boon for the residents. As the days passed by, the demands for recurring payments increased. Petitions and letters have been hurled at the government. Despite reluctance from the government, the petitions did not lose their momentum. The people continue to support them. Keeping in mind the current covid situation in the country, a new check is indeed needed. There have been two major petitions that have gained particular momentum.

The petition introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar has been backed by several lawmakers. However, Kathy Hochul has great news for the taxpayers. She has announced a new stimulus check. Let us learn more about the same in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Announcement Raises Question On Kathy Hochul 

Stimulus Check will be given to the taxpayers. The cheerful piece of news has been conveyed to the American residents by Kathy Hochul. At a time when the entire country has been questioning in favor of the checks, such news is bound to bring joy to the faces of the people. 

However, most of the politicians are looking at the announcement as a political stunt. They have stated that Kathy has taken such an initiative in order to strengthen her position before the upcoming votes.