Stimulus Check Update- 18 States Will Be Sending Payments

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

With the inflation rate touching 8.5% last month, it was only fair that several state governments started issuing stimulus check payments to their citizens.

This was done to make sure that the residents would be able to offset higher prices through a tax rebate. There are many states that have been issuing these payments, with the usual suspects being Alaska and California. In the state of Alaska, the government has been issuing a single payment of around $3,200 per person- which would also include a $650 payment that was meant to offset any and all high energy costs.

In order to be eligible for this payment, one needs to be a resident of the state for the entire calendar year which would precede the date that they apply for the dividend. They would also have to make sure that they intend to remain a citizen of the state throughout. 

Stimulus check Payment To Be Issued In Several States

In the state of California, the state government will be issuing inflation relief payments which can go as high as $1,050. Close to 23 million residents of the state will be receiving the stimulus check payment. Single taxpayers who make less than a sum of $75,000 per year will be receiving a sum of $350, and an additional $350 for any dependents.

Most of the heads of household or their surviving spouses who make less than a sum of $150,000 every year will be receiving a sum of $350, and an additional $350 for any dependents that they might have. Couples who would be filing for this jointly and make less than a sum of $150,000 a year will be receiving a sum of $700. 

In Colorado, the stimulus check payment will go as high as $1,500. Interestingly, residents who previously filed their tax return for 2021 by the 30th of June will be receiving a check for $750. Joint filers, it has been assumed will be receiving up to $1,500.