3 Stimulus Check Deadlines Are Here

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The city of Chicago in the United States has launched a stimulus check scheme to help low-income people cope with rising petrol prices by providing them with prepaid gas and transportation cards.

The Chicago Moves initiative is giving away 50,000 free gas cards worth $150 apiece, and 100,000 people will receive a pre-paid transit card worth $50.

After the Chicago City Council rejected her initial stimulus check plan, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was able to get the scheme approved for the second time, and this 12.5 million dollar initiative would bring transit assistance to many in the city.

Apply For The Stimulus Checks Online

Gas cards will be accepted at stations around the city, while transit cards will be accepted at Ventra vending machines at CTA stations, Ventra retail stores, or digitally on the Ventra website or mobile app by eligible Chicago residents. The gas card lottery will be held from the second week of May till September, with application deadlines on the 3rd of every month.

The deadline for transport cards, on the other hand, is June 3.

On Monday, a new piece of legislation was enacted that may result in thousands of individuals in Connecticut receiving a $250 one-time Child Tax Rebate. It will be implemented on July 1, 2022. With the state’s budget surplus estimated to be in the billions of millions, legislators are attempting to return as much of this money to the people as possible.

For poorer and middle-income families, this includes a $250 Child Tax Credit stimulus check payment. You must submit an application to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services in order to receive this Child Tax Rebate.

Despite the fact that the new legislation takes effect on July 1, the deadline for reporting is July 31.

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