Stimulus Check: Florida Hasn’t Received Its Payment Yet

stimulus check
stimulus check

A news service from Florida has mentioned that it is one of the twenty-one states in the country that hasn’t yet received the stimulus check. Incidentally, it is because the state missed out on a recent deadline wherein they had to submit their plans to the DOE or the Department of Education which would lay out the plans to pass stimulus plans federally. 

Florida’s Conundrum About The Third Stimulus Check

The 14th of June saw the Department put up a notice where the state plans had been submitted by twenty-nine different states. The plans thus posted had detailed proposals for how the stimulus check would be delivered and then spent from Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief which has a budget of around $122 billion.

The DOE stated that the budget would be crucial in supporting the schools of this nation in reopening and sustaining the students safely. And all of these would be in accordance with the social, mental health, emotional, and academic needs of the students that have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. 

This begets the question- what would happen to the states that missed out on the deadline when they had to submit the plan? The DOE has already announced that the Department would be working closely with the other states in order to properly facilitate the stimulus check in the states. As far as Florida goes, the late approval would need a proper legislative session coupled with a State Board review. The education department hasn’t yet responded to comments. 

Miguel Cardona, the Secretary of Education stated that they were quite elated that the states were directing the stimulus check towards addressing the student demands- and at the earliest.