Stimulus Check Update: Baltimore Will Receive A $1,000 Payment

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

Several states across the country have already started dealing with stimulus check payments after the pandemic swept the land. Now, another city in the country, Baltimore, is bringing out its basic income program. Under this program, most of the young parents in the city would be receiving a stimulus payment of $1,000 from the city council. Most of the eligible parents would also be receiving a monthly stimulus payment over a period of two years. 

Baltimore Could Be Pushing Out A Stimulus Check Payment

The basic income program or the new stimulus check payment program from Baltimore has been called the Baltimore Young Families Success Fund, which specifically focuses on young parents. Under this program, close to 200 parents will be receiving a sum of $1,000 per month over a period of two years. The main objective of the program would be to offer an unconditional monthly cash payment- which would be used to improve the existing social safety net that has been placed on the payment. 

The stimulus check program under the Baltimore Young Families Success Fund will also be increasing economic mobility while improving access to resources for children and families all the while providing financial and emotional stability that is necessary for one to pursue the several opportunities that would come their way- along with planning for the future. In order to push out the $1,000 stimulus payment from Baltimore, the Mayor of the City, Brandon Scott has already allocated a sum of $4.8 million from the American Rescue Plan Act to this plan. 

In order to apply for the stimulus check payment, applicants should be residing in the city of Baltimore, and they should be aged between 18 to 24 years at the time of the deadline for the application.