Stimulus Check Update- Chances Of Receiving Another

Stimulus check
Stimulus Check

The current economic situation in the USA is similar to Catch-22, in that although a large section of the society needs a stimulus check payment, the fresh round of payments will simply make inflation worse. Despite the discussions that took place in the early part of the year, it has been pretty clear for months on end that the direct payments along with the expanded tax credits from the years of the pandemic have been over.

But there are still some states out there that have been looking for a middle ground with the stimulus payments that tend to be far smaller and more narrowly targeted. It has been announced that millions of American citizens could see them get eligible for the stimulus payments throughout the summer as well as the fall- which would depend entirely on who they are and where they end up living. 

Possibility of Another Stimulus Check

Back in March, there was a group of Democratic representatives that went on to propose the Gas Rebate Stimulus Check Act of 2022. This act would issue eligible taxpayers a sum of $100 per month- with the eligibility being based on the income- along with a sum of $100 per month per eligible dependent- that would help them cope with the rise in prices of fuel.

As it stands, this proposal has quite a long way to go. The act would primarily have to be working its way throughout Congress in order to become law- but it hasn’t yet gone through the preliminary steps at the committee level yet. 

In the state of Colorado, the residents who have been deemed eligible would be receiving stimulus check payments of around $400 or $800, which would be dependent on their filing status. Nevertheless, it has been accord that they could get more if the state ended up earning higher revenue. 

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