Stimulus Check Update- Payment Of $850 Coming To 11 Different States

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

When the COVID pandemic was at its peak, the federal government had gone ahead and issued several trillions of dollars in stimulus check money. These payments were further made to quite a few businesses and individuals. Those payments turned out to be a lifesaver for quite a few families, which also allowed them to purchase all the necessities that were required during a period of economic uncertainty.

The stimulus payment from the federal government has already dried up pretty much- especially with several budget-saving line items like the Child Tax Credit which has already been exhausted. However, this has not prevented quite a few families from struggling under low wages and the weight of record-high inflation. 

Stimulus Check Payments To Be Issued In These States

Now as a response to the need that most Americans have been facing, quite a few state governments have already come up to the plate- and have also pledged their stimulus check funds to the residents. Interestingly, not every proposal has been made official yet- but there are still 11 states that have already brought out their tax relief and stimulus payments on the document for this year. 

The state of California has been going through the luxury of a budget surplus for the last couple of years. This has allowed the government to push through a few payments that would make the citizens of California get some relief from the exorbitant prices of gas over the summer. The Governor of the state, Gavin Newsom, has already proposed sending debit cards to all the car owners. It has been announced that they will be delivering one debit card per car owner- with the limit increased to two cards per household. This would be seen as a stimulus check amount of $400- to be used only for fuel. As it stands, the cards will be released in July. 

Noe, according to the Department of Revenue in Georgia, the residents of the Peach State who previously filed their taxes for 2020 and 2021 will be considered eligible for a stimulus check rebate from the tax surplus of the state.

The Governor of the state, Brian Kemp, has recently approved the stimulus payments based on the status of their tax filing- single filers or filers who have married and filed separately will be receiving a payment of $250. The head of the household would be expecting a sum of $375, with quite a few married couples who file jointly will be receiving $500. Now, if the resident owes the state some money in the form of taxes or delinquent child support payments, the amounts could be made lower. 

In the state of Hawaii, the residents who have an annual income below $100,000 should definitely be expecting a stimulus check payment of $300. Those who have an annual income of more than $100,000 would be receiving $100. In January, Governor David Ige went on to propose a sum of $100 for all state residents- but last spring- the state legislators went on to increase the amount for the residents. The payments will be intended for the earners as well as their dependents- which means that a family of four that earns less than $100,000 could ideally be receiving a sum of $1,200.

Is Your State A Part of The Scheme?

Back in January, the Governor of Idaho, Brad Little had interestingly approved a bill that would provide the citizens of the state with a rebate of 12% of their state tax of 2020 or $75- whichever would suit better. The tax rebates have been specifically pointed towards earners as well as their dependents.

The payments started in March, and those who did receive their tax refunds through direct deposit will be the first ones to see their rebates in their account. In the state of Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker went on to approve a state budget that would ideally be providing a tax rebate of $100 per adult, and $50 per dependent- who would also be receiving the money this fall. The state government has also been pushing for a moratorium on grocery taxes- $300 in property tax relief, along with a 10-day freeze on the sales taxes of school supplies. 

Stimulus Check Proposal Would Alleviate Fears Of Inflation

The residents of Indiana would have to thank their budget surplus- who went on to file their taxes of 2020 before January 2022. In fact, they should expect a one-time stimulus check payment of $125 or $250 for married couples who will be filing jointly to hit their bank accounts over the summer.

The payments started in May- and will ideally continue throughout the summer. In the state of Maine, Governor Janet Mills went on to sign legislation that would provide a stimulus check payment of $850 for full-time residents of the state who have an annual income of less than $100,000. Residents who also filed their taxes in 2021 by the 31st of October are also eligible even if they have money that they owe the state. 

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy did surprisingly approve a one-time stimulus check payment of $500 for families the previous year. Recently, the governor has decided to add the workers who did file their taxes with a tax identification number rather than a social security number- which entails that non-citizens and their spouses would also be eligible for the refund.

In New Mexico, residents will be looking forward to quite a few refunds throughout the year. In July, the single filers who had earned less than $75,000 and married couples who earned less than $150,000, and also filed their taxes for 2021 will be receiving stimulus payments of $250 and $500 respectively. Additional stimulus payments could also be on the forum, with $500 and $100 kept for single and married filers. 

So, does your state fall under the stimulus check scheme? Also, it must be noted that Virginia and New York also have their plans in place- that could see the citizens receiving an amount in these states.