Stimulus Check 2022- Which States Are Issuing A Fourth Payment?

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Stimulus Check

With the number of jobs added to the economy of the country back in August being a major cause of worry, people have been clamoring for more stimulus check payments that would assist them through these turbulent times.

The reason behind this worry would be that the number of jobs fell quite short of the expectations that were levied on them, which has definitely worried quite a few experts that the economic recovery could be on the verge of slowing down. Also, last September saw most of the federal pandemic-related unemployment programs ending- which then led to millions of citizens without a stable income- at the same time that the Supreme Court went ahead and struck down the eviction moratorium of the White House. 

Stimulus Check Payment Issued By States

With no federal stimulus check payment in sight, some of the states in the country have definitely taken it upon themselves to issue direct payments to the residents of the state. However, quite unlike the federal payments that were issued to the citizens, most states have opted to send out the payments to particular groups- which would in certain cases be limited to the number of recipients by profession or income.

After a historic surplus in the budget, the legislature in California has also decided to issue a payment of $600 to all those in the state that have made less than the sum of $75,000 a year. This was said to be the second round of the Golden State stimulus payments that would be issued to the public. Back in February, the Governor also pushed for a law that allowed the government to send in a payment of $600 to low-income individuals and non-citizens who were quite unable to receive their federal stimulus payments. 

Back in August, even the state government of New Mexico went on to announce that low-income residents would be receiving a stimulus check payment of $750.