Stimulus Check Update- Have You Received Any New Payments?

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Stimulus Check

Two waves of the federal stimulus check payments have already been sent out to around 127 million people in the country over the last year.

Despite that, some have been wondering where their payment is- a year later. For many individuals in the Southern part of the country, if their stimulus payment is still a no-show, there are chances that they have been feeling quite a little anxious. Many also want to know where is their $1,400 IRS payments and when they will be arriving. Terry Griffith, a certified public accountant in Southaven, stated that the IRS has a massive task on hand- considering that this is quite a monumental task for them to undertake. Since the IRS has already done it in the past, it will be doing so in the future. 

A Stimulus Check Payment Could Be Round The Corner

The IRS has already issued around 127 million stimulus check payments since the 17th of March either through email or direct deposit. Griffith further stated that if one filed their tax return for 2019 or if they filed their tax return for 2020 the IRS would be looking at those and issuing a stimulus payment to the concerned individual. In order to help one track the status of their payment, the IRS has already fired up the popular Get My Payment took on the website. Griffith stated that the IRS already has a portal that one would be able to look into and see where they stand on the situation.

Griffith stated that if one had teenagers who were 17 or 18 years of age and along with college students that are on their tax returns- they would be receiving the stimulus check payment this time. But it has also been stated that not every single individual will be receiving their stimulus payment. If one’s income on a joint basis would be over $150,000, they might not be receiving the payment. If a single individual has a payment above $75,000, they could also not receive the payment.