Stimulus Checks Still Going Out In Some States: Check Out The Updates

stimulus check

There continues to be some form of good news for residents of several states. In Virginia’s Fairfax County, a fresh stimulus check program has been announced. Elsewhere, hundreds of Arizona residents will receive a surprise stimulus check. The Revenue Department of Arizona has revealed that around 743,000 taxpayers in the state will receive up to $750 by the end of this month.

In Virginia, the new stimulus payment program will provide much-needed financial assistance to around 180 families over a period of 15 months. The total amount that each family will get comes to around $11,250. This Economy Mobility Program by Fairfax County is a pilot program aimed at giving guaranteed income to families who qualify for the stimulus check.

The stimulus check will go out only to Fairfax County residents who conform to the eligibility criteria. Residents had until October 3 to apply for the stimulus payment. The program has been set up with a budget of $2 M. The program will even provide financial training to recipients.

Arizona Governor Signs Stimulus Checks Worth $17.8 B For Residents

This stimulus check initiative will support deprived families in navigating the extremely challenging economic conditions. This stimulus check will give these struggling citizens hope and provide them with some financial stability. Working residents with a child aged sixteen or below were eligible to apply for the Fairfax County stimulus check. There were also income criteria to be met.

In Arizona, Governor Katie Hobbs passed a $17.8 B budget after negotiating with the Republican opposition. Around $260 M will go out as tax rebates around the year to qualifying residents. Residents should have filed their income tax returns up to 2021. Families with a tax liability of at least $1 will receive a one-off stimulus pay,emt of $250 for every child aged seventeen or less in 2021 for a maximum of three children. Dependents older than seventeen will receive $100 up to a maximum of $300.