Jamie Lee Curtis Reunites With Schwarzenegger After Nearly 3 Decades

Jamie Lee Curtis

Nineties popular actress Jamie Lee Curtis reunited with her action-comedy co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger. She took admirers to the past, nearly 3 decades back when she made the movie in 1994. Jamie Lee Curtis and Schwarzenegger were attending a charity show for After-School All-Stars, a non-profit in the US. This charity was founded by Schwarzenegger and assists children belonging to families with low income. Curtis was on social media and said she loved how Arnold moves in for causes that sure move the Children’s hearts and souls. She referred to Schwarzenegger as the Greatest Of All Time.

Jamie Lee Curtis Referred To Schwarzenegger As The Greatest Of All Times

Jamie Lee Curtis was the Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars in 2023 for Everything Everywhere All At Once. She also posted her photo hugging a goat. She also posted a picture along with Arnold and Hans Rockenwagner, the celebrity chef. Curtis was dressed in a German dirndl paired with a flower crown. The Terminator star was rocking in a dark T-shirt and high socks.

True Lies starred Schwarzenegger and Curtis in the roles of Harry Tasker and Helen Tasker. The James Cameron-directed movie went on to gross $375 M worldwide, making it the 3rd highest-grosser of that year. The script was also written by him. Jamie Lee Curtis won the Academy Award for her role and also for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy at the 1995 Golden Globes. The film was also nominated at the 1995 Oscars for Best Visual Effects.

Curtis, 64, and Schwarzenegger, 74 have not come together after True Lies. They were last seen together at her handprint and footprint ceremony at the LA TCL Theatre in October last year. The former Republican Governor of California called Jamie Lee Curtis an extraordinary actress capable of kicking some serious as*, as they shared a friendly kiss. He was referring to her performance in True Lies.