Tim Scott Is Chosen To Deliver The Response Of GOP

Tim Scott
Tim Scott

Tim Scott, the Senator from the Republican party will be making the delivery of the response of the GOP next Wednesday. This takes place following the address of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America to one of the joint sessions.

Tim Scott Vs Biden

The decision of the senator will give a platform to Tim Scott who is the only senator from the Republican party. He will be able to community with the entire country and counter the message of President Joe Biden. 

The minority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarty, the GOP leader of the House made the announcement concerning the matter. The announcement came this Thursday. It was said that Tim Scott had been chosen in order to deliver the speech.

The statement that was given by Mitch McConnell talked about the abilities of the Senator. It was said that he was a very strong leader in the Republican Conference of the Senate. And not just that, it was also told that Tim Scott was “unifying” and “inspiring.” 

President Joe Biden will be taking the responsibility of addressing the legislators. It will be done in one of the joint sessions of the US Congress. The President will deliver the remarks for the first time to both chambers. It is to be noted that this comes after about 100 days of him taking the Presidential office.

The President had been invited formally to communicate with Congress. The invitation had been extended by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. She had written a letter in the first week of April stating the news of the invitation. The House Speaker had also written that the reason behind the invitation was to share the vision of the President in order to address the opportunities and challenges.

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