Strategies to increase your sales with web push notifications

Enhance Sales Through Web Push Notifications
Since the advent of web push notifications, marketers have taken a deep sigh of relief with their sales numbers. But as the competition is heating up with the coming in of a lot of online stores. It has become significantly difficult to engage your visitors to turn up into customers quickly. Read the blog to know the powerful strategies to pull sales through the web push notifications.

The opt-in procedure for push notifications is quite simple and intuitive. Ask your website visitors whether they want to receive the notifications or not. Users have to choose between the allow button and block the notifications . It is the free will and choice of the visitors to click on the allow button. As the browser is responsible for asking the visitors, it takes the in-built information of them. Therefore, there are no chances that their information leaks in any case.

Target visitors with bite-sized push notification messages 

You can easily target visitors through these bite-sized push notifications. Unlike mobile push notifications, you don’t need an app to send notifications to the users. You can send it to the internet’s user device- i.e on their desktop or mobile device without any prior need of the app.

Plus points of web push notifications :

  • Users receive them even when they are not present on the website, or the browser is not open.
  • You can ensure the timely delivery of the messages.
  • Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari support the notifications. They work on mobile devices and tablets as well.

Why should you use web push notifications :

Instant delivery : Users don’t need to check their emails. Even their presence on the website is not necessary. Users receive them instantly on their desktops.

1- No need for apps : There is no need to develop an app to send the browser notifications to the users. Push notifications work the same for the browsers such as Mozilla and chrome as the native notifications which are sent by the apps on the mobile devices.


2- Chances of higher opt-ins : Users don’t have to give their personal details to opt-in for your services. Therefore these notifications have higher opt-in rates as compared to emails and SMS. Users can unsubscribe to the notifications any time they want to.

3- They have expansive reach: Browsers such as chrome, firefox and safari have a market share of more than 75 percent. Therefore, they have a much broader range than other mediums. There are possibilities of other browsers as well who will add support.

web notifications
web notifications


4- Attain higher click rates: Sending notifications at the right time is equally important as creating the relevant content for it. You can drive more traffic by sending them at the right time and attain higher click through rates as compared to emails.


5- Not restricted to the retail industry : It’s a myth that push notifications can only be used for brand promotion. You can end alerts and highlights about your services. You can send the latest cricket scores, latest news or weather updates also. Add videos or images to your content to make it more attractive and catchy so that users find them interesting and entertaining.


How to drive sales through web push notifications :

Ecommerce marketers can take advantage of these web push notifications to enhance their sales and retarget the customers. No wonder you can create effective marketing strategies with the help of web push notifications as they are quick to create and simple to implement as well.

Below are some of the strategies you can work on to enhance sales :


1.Update subscribers about your new product: Sending emails about your latest arrivals might work but not as effectively as the web push notifications work . The possibility of customer checking the emails becomes less. You can inform about the latest arrivals but if you want to create an urgency for the same offer. Push notification is the easiest remedy.

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For example – Send the customers who searched for their favourite books on your website. Notify them about the latest novel by their favourite novelist and create an urgency as shown in the below example with the text – “Few copies are left, grab them now”. It will instantly influence the subscribers to buy it or send them the message regarding the attractive offers you have on your products for a limited period.


  1. Customize the messages : 

Customize the messages

To enhance your sales, you must know the preferences of your customers. Otherwise, whatever strategies you are adopting, you may stumble down. But the first step is to segment them on the basis of their prior purchase history or their product search. Filtering the customers is the prerequisite to engage them.

For example If a customer searches for a perfume in your store ,you cannot engage him with the notification regarding the latest book. In case you send them, they will either unsubscribe to your notifications or spam them.

Note: Take care of your customer’s preferences and they will turn into loyal customers.


  1. Attract anonymous users: Not just your customers, but there could be anonymous visitors who might be searching for their favourite products at your portals. You can take advantage of the situation when they are searching for the product, and they leave your website without purchasing anything.

oFS4MYt0GjEEZxPud9KWLjqGNymQBSHjqey58jkHMSLmf2soRMO6bueYDWQzVIS1wmSZWEj4ptGbCxrI7tkSUEUWtVn10NaUZSend them a notification reminder regarding the product they searched for on your website. You can send him personalized notifications and pull off your strategies well.


  1. Retarget the cart abandoners :


It is the most common situation, you can face as a marketer. Although you can retarget the customers in many ways such as through emails, but the major advantage you can deploy through the push notifications is the high- open rates. You can give them catchy discounts and offers on the same product so that they consider buying them. It will trigger them psychologically also as they will get attracted to the offers on their favourite products.


  1. Catch hold of inactive users:

web push notifications,push notifications
Suppose you had a loyal customer who was buying now and then from your online store and they suddenly disappeared. Of course, you have lost a golden opportunity that is slowly slipping out of your hands. Web push notifications act as a boon at this point of time. Send them campaigns such as Holiday sales campaigns, birthday offers or festive offers which can pull them back.


  1. Modified price notifications: Price plays an important role in determining the purchase of the product. Many customers reach the point of adding the product to the cart, but when it comes to payment, their mind wavers because of the added taxes and delivery charges which add up to a lot of purchase amount.

price notification

In such a scenario, either you can provide him the product minus the shipping and delivery charges. Send him a notification as “Grab the product”- Shipping charges free of cost. It will definitely nudge the customers to take the actions.

  1. Cross-selling and up-selling of products :

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You can promote your products through push notifications. At the same time, you canupsell and cross-sell the products. Upselling means you are convincing customers to purchase an additional product. Cross-selling is suggesting the customers a product which is complementary to the product he bought. You can notify about the same through web push notifications.

These were some of the strategies to drive sales through push notifications. Suppose you have lost some of your precious customers and you want to magnetize them again. Push notifications can help you win them back, let’s see how :

  • Timing is crucial:
  • Timing

Sometimes as a marketer you binge on getting new customers and you forget the old one in the mid-way. Remember, you cannot lose old gems as they can be your brand ambassadors in future times. To engage such customers, timing plays an important role . You can target them at the time when they usually come online. Frequency of messages is equally important. You can’t overboard them with multiple notifications. A time- perfect notification along with the frequency can turn up your click-through rates.



  • Convenient landing time : You can create a shortest path to the target page by putting the link in the push notifications. For example- A customer added the product or searched for it, then you can send him a reminder notification by putting the link that directs him to the landing page. It will close the sales deal instantly.


  • Personalization is important: 

Personalization in push notifications is as important as creating a powerful marketing strategy. Sending irrelevant messages will make you stuck in your sales strategy for a longer period. Segment your audience to know what are their needs, their location, age and income are and send them relevant and personalized push notifications accordingly.

You can trigger your customers and drive sales fervently through the web push notifications. Follow the above strategies and tips to be on the top of customer’s favourite brands.