Succession’s Season Finale Is Out


We anticipated how Succession would finish in a sense. We have been anticipating the end of the play for months, and many of us may have known from the beginning that the Roy family would have a horrible ending.

The Succession season finale, “With Open Eyes,” which aired on Sunday, definitely delivered. The Roy family‘s ability to destroy one another more effectively than any outsider was displayed in the series finale. Logan Roy has permanently consumed his children, much as Saturn devoured his son after learning that one of his offspring will overthrow him.

Succession Comes To An End

Despite tearing each other apart until the very end, none of the siblings ultimately won the title. Shiv (Sarah Snook) plays up to her namesake by sticking the proverbial dagger in her brother’s back by voting in favor of the sale of Waystar to streaming provider GoJo while the board deliberates. Instead of running Waystar-Royco, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) would step down, and her estranged husband Tom Wambsgans, a Minnesota nobody, will take over as the American CEO of the combined business.

It was a typical Succession shock. At their mother’s picturesque seaside home (later revealed to be Barbados), the brothers were brutally fighting over who should be CEO as this episode began. The siblings were unaware that GoJo CEO Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgrd) was covertly plotting to betray Shiv and crown Tom as the new CEO. Shiv and Ken had hurried over to Caroline’s because Roman (Kieran Culkin), who has been gone for an unknown period, is there. They didn’t do so out of worry for their brother’s safety but rather to get his vote to stop the sale of Waystar to GoJo.