Supreme Court Denies Pennsylvania GOP Bid To Block Certification Of Biden Victory; Trump’s Crusade Against Election Results Still Continue

Brett Kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh

According to recent news, the US Supreme Court has denied the Pennsylvania Republicans’ proposal to reject the certification of the PA (Primary) or Presidential election results.

President Donald Trump has been rolling out a crusade against the President-elect Joe Biden since the announcement of the Presidential election result. Recent reports on the crusade opted by Trump against Biden suggests the most overt attempt in history to go against the will of the public as clear from the election results. The Supreme Court’s denial of the Republicans’ bid represents, according to few officials, a fatal blow to whatever effort the President might have thought he had to fight the election results. Many now raise the question, does the President has any viable, legal and logical reasons to challenge this election result.

President Expected To Continue On His False Claims Despite Supreme Court’s Denial

On the day of the deadline of the certification of the electoral college results, the Republicans filed a bid to block the process to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. But the Supreme Court responded in a manner that elucidated that the Trump administration shall have no safe harbor here (Supreme Court).

A few hours before the sharp statement of denial from the SC came in, President Trump urged in a public appeal to overturn the result of the elections. He further added that he wished to see if there was anyone who had the courage and the will to do what is right in this country. Indirectly addressed to the Court and the higher legislative bodies, he urged the people to show courage to stand up against the false results of the elections.

Despite the humiliating denial from the Supreme Court, there is no foreseeable chance that the current President accepts the results. Many Democrats and officials believe that he and his administration will continue spewing rumors of a false election for yet some more time. 

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