Surprising Insider Look at McDonald’s Scrambled Eggs


An insider from McDonald’s has unveiled the behind-the-scenes process of preparing scrambled eggs at the fast-food chain, sparking curiosity among social media users. Despite the seemingly simple task, achieving the desired texture poses a challenge, with the risk of ending up either undercooked or resembling soggy cardboard. This revelation sheds light on the variability in egg preparation methods, with personal preferences playing a significant role.

McDonald’s Scrambled Egg Technique Revealed

Yaniii, known on TikTok as @kallme.yaniii, garnered widespread attention after sharing a video in September 2022, where she demonstrated how scrambled eggs are made at her McDonald’s branch. In the video, she begins by applying butter to the grill and pouring liquid egg from a branded carton onto the surface. As the yellow liquid spreads, reminiscent of a surreal scene, Yaniii humorously navigates the eggs with a spatula-like tool, initiating the scrambling process. Despite initial skepticism, the eggs gradually take shape, forming into the recognizable texture of scrambled eggs. Yaniii then divides the mixture into portions, continuing to scramble before transferring each portion onto a tray.

The unconventional method sparked a flurry of reactions from viewers. Some expressed surprise at the lack of flipping and questioned the presence of uncooked liquid on top, dubbing the outcome as “scootched eggs.” Others remarked on the absence of seasoning or considered the eggs improperly cooked. However, contrasting experiences were shared, with some users noting different approaches at their respective McDonald’s locations. Despite the visual quirks, Yaniii’s revelation initiated a conversation around McDonald’s egg-cooking techniques, highlighting the diverse perspectives and experiences within the fast-food industry.