Suspension Of Rudy Giuliani From His Law Practice In NY State!

Igor Fruman
Igor Fruman

The former lawyer of Donald Trump, former President of the United States of America, Rudy Giuliani got suspended from his law practice in NY state. On Thursday, Rudy Giuliani, one of the holders of the prestigious legal profession got suspended. The appellate court suspended him for making misleading and demonstrably false statements regarding the US presidential election of 2020. After his disciplinary proceedings, a ruling was released. 

Rudy Giuliani Unhappy with The Decision Of The Court!

There the appellate court concluded by stating that uncontroverted evidence regarding Rudy Giuliani has been suspended to the court. The former US attorney of Manhattan communicated demonstrably misleading and false statements to the public, lawmakers, and the courts at large. He did that while serving as the personal lawyer of Donald Trump, former US President.

He also did that inside the campaign of Trump and especially regarding Trump’s claim that the 2020 US Presidential election was a fraud. The court also stated that the conduct of Rudy Giuliani threatened the interest of the public and warrants temporary suspension from his legal practice in the NY state. His law suspension marked a steep fall in the career of the former mayor of the NY city. He was once known as a formidable and accomplished force amidst his legal circles. 

Recently, the reputation of Giuliani suffered a lot following a criminal investigation into his office as the US attorney of Manhattan. He was charged with illegal lobbying. However, Giuliani has denied any such legal claims and called them false claims. Later on Thursday, Rudy Giuliani stated about not being happy with the decision of the court. He also argued about his comments not being a threat to the interest of the public.