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Derek Carr

Derek Carr Continues To Deny Contract Extension

At the conclusion of the regular season of 2022, the Las Vegas Raiders' preference for quarterback Derek Carr shifted away from him. It is...
Mason Greenwood

All Charges Against Mason Greenwood Dropped By Crown Prosecution

The attempted assault and rape charges against Mason Greenwood, a football player for Manchester United, have been dismissed. In January last year, the footballer,...

Pentagon Sounds Alarm Over A Chinese Spy Balloon Over Montana: Chine Denies Allegation

The Pentagon has sounded an alarm as a Chinese spy balloon was detected over Montana. It said it was monitoring the situation and has...
Russian Escalation

Europe Prepares For The Next Stage Of A Russian Escalation As It Mobilizes Forces

Russia is set to mobilize close to half a million troops amid plans for a fresh new offensive on the first anniversary of the...
Stimulus Check

Who Do You Contact If You Are Yet To Get Your Stimulus Check?

Millions of stimulus checks were sent out to Americans covering a vast range of income groups and demographics. While it was the federal government...