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Megan Fox

Megan Fox Has Flaunted Her Bob Hairstyle in Tiny Bikini

Megan Fox has a stylish new hairstyle! The 36-year-old actress showed off a significantly shorter hairstyle on her Instagram Story on Friday, revealing that...
gun laws

California’s Gun Laws Could Be In Danger

Mass shootings won't be stopped by stricter gun legislation. According to the gun control advocacy organizations Everytown for Gun Safety and The Giffords Law...
Mike Pence

Mike Pence’s Discomfort Could Be Exploited By Donald Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence is clearly interested in replacing Joe Biden. However, for the time being, the probable Republican nominee for 2024 might...
Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski Claimed Tom Brady Had Absolutely No Idea About The Former’s Choice Of...

Tom Brady was taken aback when Rob Gronkowski recommended the veteran NFL quarterback date Sally Field. On an edition of the quarterback's SiriusXM podcast...
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Considers Ke Huy Quan To Be An Amazing Actor

Following the success of his return movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, Harrison Ford congratulated Ke Huy Quan on his Oscar nomination this week....